Windows Process / In Memory / C# structure conversion templates

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Awhile ago I was investigating some malware which required frequent inspection of some running process memory structures. To make my life easier I wrote a tool that could take c# defined memory structures and convert them into 010 editor templates (with recursive depth).

I believe Sweetscape is working to improve the memory dump / live memory debugging facilities but I was able to automate out most of the potential complexities.

An example of a generated template can be found here for some of the primary header data on a running process.

I am happy to generate any template files from c# structures if requested. One of the great additions to c# in the past few years has been the automated generation of nearly the entire standard windows namespace, and recently the WDK namespace as well. See github [dot] com/microsoft/CsWin32 for details.

Combining my tool with CSWin32 and you can rapidly get 010 Templates for many common structures with little to no manual coding.

I wasn’t originally planning to post the tool, as it was mostly designed for internal use, but I was able to clean it up to the point others could.

For more details you can see the GH repo.

I am curious how many people use 010 Editor with live memory, one item I spent a decent bit of time on was determining the exact padding and sizing for memory structures. I submitted some suggestions up to Sweetscape for them to hopefully continue to improve the tool for live analysis. It is something of a chicken and the egg problem in terms of people needing tooling to do more complex live work but them needing a demand for such tooling to write features.

Yes, MitchC has done some nice work with reading live memory with 010 Editor. We are hoping to add some functions to our upcoming v15 to make reading processes easier and then hopefully get this added to our repository so it’s easier for other people to use. Cheers!

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