TypeToString function?

Is there a TypeToString function? The equivalent of EnumToString, but for custom defined types?

Use case: I want to call AddBookmark, passing in a typename. At present I am having to do this manually e.g. AddBookmark(pos. name, “MyType”, …), when I’d really like to write AddBookmark(pos, name, TypeToString(MyType), …)

Is this possible?

EDIT: Even passing the type as a string seems not to work. WRT ADF.bt, passing “DATABLOCKOFS” does not seem to make the type stick in the Bookmarks view; it just displays “DATABLOCKOFS” rather than “struct DATABLOCKOFS”. If I then Edit the bookmark manually, but just press “Update” without changing anything, the text changes to “struct DATABLOCKOFS” and the type takes. Is this user error or a bug?

Hello howprice. There is currently no TypeToString function and that is something we’d have to add in. For passing the type as a string, I just tried calling the AddBookmark function in a script and the type was picked up correctly right away. Are you calling AddBookmark in a script or a template? There could be a bug in calling AddBookmark from a template. If you are calling it from a script, could you check and see if you can consistently replicate the problem? The script should be run after the template to make sure the types are available.

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Hi Graeme. Thanks for getting back to me.

I’m pleased that this is working as expected for you. I am calling AddBookmark from a template.

I don’t seem to be able to attach a file to this post, but yesterday I submitted an updated version of ADF.bt to the Repository for review. I think have left the non-working code in the _checkRootblockChecksum function. If you have access to this and can repro and maybe advise how to get this working it would be great thanks.

void _checkRootblockChecksum(int blockNumber, BlockType blockType)
	local int64 blockAddr = blockNumber * BSIZE;
	local uint32 checksum = ReadUInt(blockAddr + (4 * kRootblockChecksumMemberLongwordIndex));
	local uint32 expectedChecksum = calculateRootblockChecksum(blockAddr);
	if (checksum != expectedChecksum)
		local string filename = getFileHeaderBlockName(typedatablock.header_key);
		Printf("Invalid %s checksum. Block index %03Xh  Address: %05Xh  Checksum: %08Xh  Expected: %08Xh  File: %s\n", 
			EnumToString(blockType), blockNumber, blockAddr, typedatablock.chksum, expectedChecksum, filename);

		// TODO: Try to add a bookmark. See https://forum.sweetscape.com/t/typetostring-function/138
		// local string bookmarkName = Str("Invalid %s index %03Xh", EnumToString(DataBlock), blockNumber);
		// local string typename = "DATABLOCKOFS"; // TODO: Does a TypeToString function exist?
		// AddBookmark(blockAddr, bookmarkName, typename, -1, cNone, cRed);