Search Fails to Find Whole Word

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please see attached GIF demonstrate Search fails to find whole word “tooltip” . please note Visual Studio Find succeeds . my expectation is “010 Editor” to behave identically re/ Search / Find .
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Search Not As Visual Studio

Hello. Yes, there is a bug with find and whole word and I believe this bug has already been fixed in our upcoming v15. The bug only appears on certain character sets and I think UTF-8 works ok but there is an issue with ANSI. We hope to have v15 released in early spring if everything goes well. If you can use UTF-8 or search without whole word until we can get the new release out that would be great, but if it is causing you problems we should be able to back-port to v14 and get you a patch release.

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i had a similar discussion w/ the maintainer of gnGrep re/ “whole word” . links below . he proposed a solution . perhaps it will also be helpful in your situation . as for me i was not aware “whole word” is not integral to regex engines but requires the pattern be modified to suit the users intention so in my own use of search / replace i will no longer select said option but instead utilize the word boundary anchors . if i were the author of an editor providing search / replace i would consider informing the user of the use of the /b anchor and not provide the troublesome option .

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