Request Feature : Search in All Open Files

greetings and kind regards
re/ v12.0.1 as stated in title i was surprised i was unable to locate a Search All Open Files feature . this is to suggest same .

also upon clicking upon “All” the Search box disappears . i find this counter-intuitive as i may wish to perform yet more searches .
thank you kindly

Hello BernardIE5317. You can search all open files in 010 Editor using Find in Files (Ctrl+Shift+F). Then in the ‘in Files’ combo box select ‘All Open Files’. When searching, by default the Find bar disappears after a find but you can disable this by clicking the ‘Options’ button on the File Bar and then under ‘Advanced Options’ uncheck ‘Hide Find Bar after Search’. Let us know if you have any trouble finding these. Cheers!

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