Moving an off-screen floating tab group

I’m using 010 Editor V13 on a Windows 10 desktop with two multi-input monitors that I switch between multiple other desktop systems.

The floating tab group isn’t quite like other “windows”.(Maybe in some sense it’s not a “proper” or “full” window?)

Ordinary windows, even when off screen, can be moved around by hovering over the application’s icon in the task bar, right clicking on the window preview, and selecting “Move” from the pop-up.

But the floating tab group isn’t visible in the task bar when you hover over the 010 icon.

Short of switching the second monitor back to the system running 010, is there a way to move either the floating tab group, or even just a single tab from the floating tab group, back to the 010 window on the first monitor?

(Switching the monitor back and forth is more work than it might sound. It requires me to turn about 45°, fumble for the monitor input menu, and also press a button on a hard to reach keyboard/mouse switch (NOT a full KVM switch). After I’m done dragging the floating tab group back to the first monitor, then I have to switch everything back–including turning again to face the first monitor.)

Thanks for your post. I don’t believe there’s any way to have an icon for a floating tab group show up in the Windows task bar. That is something we may be able to add in the future and we’ll take a look. Are you getting files loading into a floating tab group but you want them loaded in the main interface instead? If so there are some options in the ‘Opening Files’ section of the Options dialog. It’s also possible to drag tabs from a floating tab group back to the main window and you can even set up multiple horizontal or vertical tab groups. By the way you can use Alt+5 on Windows to show or hide the floating tabs if that would help.

Graeme Sweet
SweetScape Software

You can do a quick Screen resolution change to move the lost Tab back to the main screen area then change the resolution again. Simple CMD scripts will do that,

My particular difficulty with the floating tab group is admittedly not one that many people are going to encounter, since not many will be using as odd a combination of monitors, switches, hosts, and physical desktop arrangements.

But in general I’m not sure I understand the motivation for having the floating tab group not being simply another window for the same instance of 010 as is running in the main window. It seems like multiple “full” windows would be simpler to use (though probably not an easy design change to bring off).

Of course, I don’t expect or even propose such a fundamental change in design just for my sake. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Graeme, thanks for listening and for being so easy to communicate with!

Yes, we would have to see how much work it would be to switch to having the Floating Tab Group as a main window. We like to have the Floating Tab Groups set to always stay on top and there can be issues with some window managers on Linux or macOS with this. We’ll take a look!

Graeme Sweet
SweetScape Software