Issues with Chinisee/Russian/German/etc symbols

That’s how the original file looks in default Windows Notepad
(screenshot with correct symbols)

That’s how it looks in 010

That’s what happens when I’m trying to CTRL-C → CTRL-V the line from OG to 010:
(screenshot with “???” symbols on the place of chinise symbols)

And it finally works when I’m trying to CTRL-C it to a fresh 010 file
(correct symbols)

How to fix it? Ty

Hello Chucks. It looks like there is a character set issue. In 010 Editor you should click ‘View > Character Set > UTF-8’ on the main menu to set the file to UTF-8 mode. The current character set is listed in the status bar. If that doesn’t fix the problem you can try to paste in again. Let us know if you can’t get it to work. Cheers!

SweetScape Software

Thank you! It works!