Guide to Pronouncing 010 Editor

We often get asked the correct way to pronounce 010 Editor. There is no one answer and we consider multiple ways acceptable. Around the office we always say:

oh-one-oh editor

but many people use:

zero-one-zero editor

instead and both are acceptable. A few users have asked if ‘010’ is binary notation for the number 2 which was never planned but if you like calling it ‘two editor’ then please go ahead.

I originally choose the name 010 Editor because I liked the sound of ‘oh-one-oh editor’ but it wasn’t until months later that I realized that most people probably won’t call it that. If anyone has other ways of saying it please add in your own way below.

Graeme Sweet
SweetScape Software

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On forums I just type 010. When speaking to someone I say Oh-Ten.
I like the Oh-Ten because it reminds me of Odin. And Oh-Ten is THE God of editors!