Full uninstall or change setting

I use Debian 11, Gnome Classic, few days ago when I’m trying to open any folder … I got running 010 editor which is trying to open folder in 010 editor, I uninstall the editor and installed it again. Few years ago I had the same thing on Debian 10, but I don’t remember how I fix it. :frowning:
I checked all options I could not find where I can disable to open hard drive folders.

Hi Fang. Thanks for your post. How are you opening folders? Is this from the command line or are you using a file manager application? If so which file manager are you using?

Graeme Sweet
SweetScape Software

Hello there,
I fix it today … I deleted old .ini file and install 010 editor again and put my lic numbers.
I guess it can be fixed just by removing old .ini file.

it worked for one day … now same shit is started.

by using the default Gnome GUI … I dont have the problem with 010 editor … but I prefer to use classic Gnome GUI … for now I’ll use default Gnome GUI until I’ll resolve this problem.

So you are double-clicking on a folder in Gnome and then 010 Editor is opening up, is that correct? The file association between folders may have somehow gotten set to 010 Editor. I’m not familiar with Gnome classic, but can you right-click on a folder and see the ‘Opens With’ menu to set associations? There should be some way to set the association back. If this is not what you are seeing please provide some more details on what is happening. Thanks!

Graeme Sweet
SweetScape Software

yes you are right, I already check all associations … I did not find anything wrong. Thanks.