[FR] Navigating back/forward using record size

Hi there,

I’m transitioning from another popular hex editor that is no longer under active development, and I like many of the powerful features of 010.

However, a seemingly basic but high-productivity feature that I’m missing (or haven’t found yet) is navigating dynamically by data size. Depending on which data type is highlighted in the inspector, there should be forward/back buttons that move e.g. by byte, short, int, or long size in the editor window. E.g. if you have selected an int in the inspector, you can quickly move 4 bytes left/right.

I know I can group by a byte size, but that changes the view and implies all data is that size, and it would be much easier to select only the current data type with 1 click and then navigate e.g a few words with another few clicks (or even better, keyboard shortcut).
Maybe this is something worth considering?

(Btw another feature I liked from the other editor is that some inspector data types like int and long are links that move you to/by the specific offset when clicked - also super useful.)


Hello Michael. You are correct that it would be nice to have this functionality built into 010 Editor but it is not there yet. Being able to move the selection can be done with a couple of short scripts. For example:

MoveSelectionBack.1sc (670 Bytes)
MoveSelectionForward.1sc (617 Bytes)

If you want to use these you can download them and then click ‘Scripts > View Installed Scripts’ and then the ‘Add…’ button. There is also a ‘Set Shortcut’ button at the bottom of the dialog to set a keyboard shortcut (maybe Alt+Left/Right?). We’ll see if we can get this built into our next version if we can find time before the release. Having a way to jump from a value in the Inspector to that address would be a great feature and we’ll see if we can get that in too. Let us know if you have any other suggestions. Cheers!

SweetScape Software

Hello Graeme, thanks for considering the suggestions, and for the scripts to “bridge the gap” :slight_smile: These really are I think my top 2 productivity suggestions after migrating from the other editor, but I might come across some smaller things over time :wink:
But as said, great work on an overall excellent piece of software!