Feature Request: Negative Start Address - better User Input

Hello again,
i am writing a template again an i would like to change the start address to a negative value so that the address zero is at an offset.
Use case: i have an Disk-Iimagefile with a header. The Header is NOT part of the actual image and everything inside the image is based on the starting address beeing zero.
I am working on Atari .atr images now, and all of them have a 16byte header, the rest is the actual floppy image.

I actually just found out that in the script it is possible to give a negative value.
A better handling of negative values in the GUI would be appreciated.

All in all i must say i am very pleased with 010 Editor!
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think we planned on supporting negative offsets but we see how it could be useful. We’ll take a look.

SweetScape Software