Feature Request: Auto-update processes / instantly write back

When editing processes, is it possible to auto-update the displayed memory, as if holding F6 (“Revert/Refresh”)?

I’m currently looking for a modern alternative to functionalities of CheatEngine/ReClass to debug and analyze running processes, and this would help immensely, given you can (statically) map out process memory very easily with templates already, better than any other program.

It would also be helpful to have a mode to instantly write / “save” changed bytes (just like in CE), also so that F6 does not “Revert” anymore.

If this isn’t a feature yet, it would be interesting to add this as a “Open Process Option”, or, if it can be done with file watching too, a special “Auto-Refresh / Instant Write” mode in the View menu or similar.

010 Editor cannot do this currently but it would be a useful feature. We’ll take a look and see if it we can add this functionality to a future version of 010 Editor. Cheers!

SweetScape Software

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