Enhancement request

Would you consider changing the hidden attribute to allow an expression instead of just true or false?

This would make it possible for template code to decide on the fly whether or not to hide something in the Template Results window.

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Hello GLT. Yes, we’ve had a few requests for this and it is coming. Cheers!

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Is there an alternative way to do it at the moment? Maybe using macros or something

I don’t believe there is any way for the hidden status to be set with a function right now. One option is to set up some #define’s at the beginning of the file and then use those to control the hidden status. For example you could use:

#define HIDESTATUS false

int var1 <hidden=HIDESTATUS>;
int var2 <hidden=HIDESTATUS>;

Then just change HIDESTATUS to true to hide those variables. Another option would be to just use a conditional when creating the variable:

if( test > 5 )
    int myvar <hidden=true>;
    int myvar <hidden=false>;

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