Enhancement Request: Expand Template Data Block Visibility and Navigation

Hello 010 Editor Team,

I’ve encountered an issue while using the template functionality in 010 Editor and would like to offer a suggestion for improvement. Currently, when the mouse hovers over a data block defined by a template, only the structure information from its first definition is displayed. If this data block is included in other structures, those details are not shown. Similarly, the “Jump to Template Variable” feature only allows navigation to the first definition of the data block.

This limitation hampers my efficiency when working with complex files that contain multiple structures involving the same data block. Therefore, I suggest:

  1. Modifying the hover tooltip so that it displays the structure information for all instances of the data block.
  2. Enhancing the “Jump to Template Variable” feature to provide a selection list, enabling users to choose the specific structure they wish to navigate to.

I believe these improvements would significantly enhance the efficiency and convenience of using the template functionality.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Yes, we are already planning on adding these features and we’ll try to let you know when they become available. Cheers!

SweetScape Software

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This reply is merely to say I’m glad to hear that these useful enhancements are on their way.

(Off topic) And also to earn a badge for using an emoji. :grinning:

Hmm. Those badges show up when I go directly to view of https://forum.sweetscape.com/badges but not at https://forum.sweetscape.com/u/glt/badges. Maybe the latter only gets updated when a user logs in.

Whatever the explanation, I won’t clutter this topic with further edits on this post.