Crashing when closing/opening pdf files above few kilobytes in version 14.0.1

opening pdf files with version 14.0.1 may crash the application
if the file opened fine then when closing the file the application will crash
i have tried with multiple pdf files from blank A4 page (2KB) to big files 70MB
the only time the app would not crash is with a very small files ~20kb otherwise it will crash when opening or closing the file
i downgrade to version 14.0 and everything seems to work fine no crashing even when opening big files 70mb
so the problem only present in version 14.0.1
what make this problem serious is that i set startup action to restore all open files so application will try to reopen the file that cause the crash and this result crash loop until i rename the file that caused the problem.
file1.pdf (below 20kb) will open and close fine without crashing
file2.pdf (above 1mb) may open fine but when closing the app will crash
reproduce crash loop:
set startup action to restore all open files
open file2.pdf (or any pdf file above 1MB)
close the application (not the file)
try to open 010 Editor
again, this only in version 14.0.1. in version 14.0 there is no crashing at all when opening or closing large or small pdf files.
i cannot upload attachment (it says new users cannot upload attachments) so try with pdf files that above 1mb and below 20kb.

We found an issue when the PDF template is run. The template is using regular expression look-behind searches and it was possible for a memory overwrite to happen in certain cases. Could you check if this update fixes the problem:

SweetScape Software

yes, this actually solve the problem.
tested with all the pdf files that were causing the crash plus more additional big pdf files and no problem at all.
thank you.