Could the (or a) mini-map/visualizer be made to be controlled by template?

The mini-map/visualizer seems to have a one pixel-to-one-byte relationship with the host file.

While this is useful, there are many occasions where graphical information is bit-sliced differently.- for example, 4-bits per pixel, or each pixel being composed of “planes” (one bit from each of several different bytes).

Similarly, several graphical templates can only reasonably parse the header at present, but it would be interesting if they could show the graphic on a canvas. The canvas could be read-only, but it would be helpful for the canvas to highlight which pixels were affected by the data in the hex editor pane as the cursor moves.

Hello dshadoff. We have a number of requests for this and we are planning providing some sort of canvas where a template can display bitmap data. We haven’t got all the details worked out yet, but that is coming. We are also planning on enhancing the minimap so that it can display RGB or RGBA data.

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