Bug: -noui parameter is not stable

010 Editor v14.0 64-bit. Windows 11.
I’ve tried executing the following line from batch script yet it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t:

start /wait “” “%ProgramFiles%\010 Editor\010Editor.exe” “YouTube Music_UTF8.aimppl4” -script:“aimppl4 to m3u8 converter.1sc” -startaddress:0x0 -noui

So what sometimes happens is that 010Editor will just be idling (0% CPU usage) and produce no output. However without the -noui parameter everything works as planned, no problems. Hence my assumption this must be a bug with the -noui parameter.

Hello Jack_Sparrow. Yes, there may be a bug with the -noui command. Is this script publicly available, or can you send a copy of the script to ‘support@sweetscape.com’? It may be hard to debug without seeing the code.

SweetScape Software

I have sent my script to support@sweetscape.com. Happy debugging :slight_smile: