Application size is still too big when using 100% scaling

This is how it looks at 100% in 4K with a Windows DPI set to 150%:

To me it looks more being 200%, that is, really big.

See the windows title on how is normal sized text, that’s the size I’d like the whole UI to be.

Thank you.

Thanks for your message. We are using the Qt library to do our UI scaling and supporting scaling on all the different systems is not easy. If you would like you can try an experiment where you first turn off ‘Use Custom Scaling’ in 010 Editor and then shut down 010 Editor. Then go to a Command Prompt and enter:


You can try different scale factors, for example 2.0 is 200% scaling. You can also try 0.75 or 0.5. We have not had good success getting those to work on our systems, but they may work on your system. We are planning on upgrading to a new version of Qt in the future and scaling may work better on newer versions.

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That didn’t work, however, this worked: SET QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.75

Now it is scaled like every other program and is just right.

Thank you!

Great. We will add 75% and 50% as possible scaling choices in the Options dialog. Cheers!

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