API feature wish list item(s) (per KB1015)

Per your request for API ideas in KB1015, I would like to see an API callable from (in order of descending interest to me):

  1. Python (perhaps including 2.7.x, because Jython [~= Python 2.7] would be especially useful for me).
  2. Java (not for my own use, see below).
  3. C

[And with a Java- , Jython-, or Python-callable API, perhaps someone who knows the Ghidra reverse engineering tool well enough (I’m not quite there yet), might be interested in some Ghidra/010 Editor integration.]

Thanks for this. We are still planning on an API at some point and we’re still working out what it would look like. Having multiple language bindings would be nice and being able to integrate with Ghidra would be nice too. We know some people who develop Binary Ninja, which is like Ghidra but with a nice interface although it is commercial. Some sort of integration with tools like these could be very useful.

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