A couple feature requests

  1. It would be nice to allow unnamed variables in templates (and their structs). When REing, often you know the type but not its meaning yet. Whatever is shown in the template result is up to you. Ex,
struct potato {
  1. When dragging a selection in the hex/ascii view, the type inspector should probably update to the end selection caret. This would be useful in the case where you have known_var ... unknown_chunk ... known_var. It would allow us to drag easily from known to known, getting the size of the unknown chunk in return.

Cheers, and thx for making such an AMAZING editor!

Thanks for the suggestions, firelight! Having unnamed variables is an interesting idea and we can see how it would be useful. Right now you can make hidden variables with something like ‘int _ <hidden=true>;’ but creating unnamed variables looks more elegant. We’d have to check if there are any issues with our engine doing this. There was just a suggestion in a previous topic about allowing unnamed unions which makes it easier to access any named children in the union. We’re not sure about how unnamed structs would work and whether you could access any named children of an unnamed struct, or whether the named children would be hidden too. We’ll have to look into this more.

The Inspector is currently based off the start of a selection if there is a selection. I can see your point where it would be nice to force it to always start at the caret even if there is a selection and we could put in an option for this. Let us know if you have any other suggestions. Cheers!

Graeme Sweet
SweetScape Software

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