./010editor - install hangs on Fedora Linux

When I’m executing ./010editor - install it does nothing.
Program not finishes, just hanging until I press Ctrl-C.
I’m using Fedora 40 now, but the same issue was on Fedora 39 and Fedora 38.

It does execute successfully if run it as root via sudo.
How can I diagnose what is preventing it to run using ordinary user account?

Hello Oleg. You can try to run the command:

010editor -resetall

If that does not solve the problem then you may have a permission issue. 010 Editor writes to two directories on install:

 ~/.local/share/SweetScape/010 Editor

Please check the ownership and permissions of those directories and the files inside. Let us know if you need instructions on how to check and change permissions. Please let us know what you find as we would like to understand why the install failed.

SweetScape Software


Lead to the same result as ./010editor -install

I simply deleted those directories.
./01editor -install creates an empty ~/.local/share/SweetScape/010 Editor with proper permissions.

I don’t remember which version of the editor I used before, but surly it was a version that was released before Nov 2020(after that free updates period ended).
Last year, I upgraded my license to get the latest version, and run into the issues.